2012 Challenges

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
As you may have noticed, I signed up for a lot of challenges for 2012; 25 in all. When you don't consider the format challenges, there are 158 books to be read. Will I likely complete all of them? Probably not, but it's meant to be a challenge. I'm sort of considering the book series challenges to be perpetual, at least for me. If I finish them, then great. If I don't, then I'll still finish them. Also, some of these will cross over, but I plan on doing the very similar challenges with separate book lists (YA Contemp and YA Lit for example). I may combine things like Dystopian and YA Lit though. Also, not including the 100+ challenge, I will limit the cross over between 2 challenges.

I'm really excited about this upcoming year. I haven't been so good at posting due to a lack of reading time imposed by my last year of undergraduate studies. However, I'm graduating with my B.A. degree on the 16th, so not only will I have more time to read, but with that time, I can read whatever I want to read rather than what I have to. Why so many challenges? I think they're fun. I like to expand my reading interests as well. This page is essentially to keep track of how I'm progressing on all of my challenges. I will be adding buttons and progress bars closer to the beginning of the year.

Mystery & Suspense
0/12 books read

0/6 books read

YA Contemporary
0/5 books read


0/5 books read

Dean Koontz
0/3 books read

TBR Pile
1/10 books read

Game of Thrones
0/5 books read

0/7 books read

2/25 books read

12 Dystopian/Post Apocalyptic
0/12 books read

Crusin' Thru The Cozies
0/6 books read

Science Fiction
0/6 books read

What's In a Name 5
0/6 books read

Finishing the Series
0/3 series finished

YA Literature
4/12 books read

Chick Lit
0/12 books read

YA Debut Author
0/12 books read

Cedar Cove
0/14 books read

Getting Lost In A Comfortable Book
0/5 books read

0/10 books read

Read Your Own Books
0/10 books read

0/5 books read

Reading Romances
0/12 books read

Book Blogger Recommendations
1/15 books read

100+ Books
4/100 books read


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