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Saturday, January 1, 2011
About Me:

I'm Cassandra! I'm a 26 year old Missouri State University graduate with a BA in History with a minor in Library Science. I've been a book fiend since I was a little girl and my parents took me to the summer reading programs at the library. In high school, I was lucky enough to be one of 7 chosen students to help in the library as a student aid for one class hour out of each day. It was then that I realized I really wanted to be a librarian or work in publishing. Life has kind of pushed that goal off a bit, but I'm prepping for the GRE now, and I hope to get into a library program soon. I'm a recent transplant from Missouri to the beaches of Florida, so you may see some beachy reading pictures occasionally on my blog and instagram!


Some books I review are given to me by the publisher or author. These will be designated as such before the review. All reviews are honest regardless of whether I bought, borrowed, or received the book.

Feel free to leave comments on any entry. I love to get feedback on reviews or discussions. I reserve the right to remove comments that are derogatory/disrespectful in nature.

I do NOT receive any monetary compensation for any reviews or links on my blog.

I am not a professional book reviewer. As such, remember that these are my personal opinions on the novels I read. You may disagree with my feelings on books, and I would love to hear why.


Below is a list of genres which I am most interested in reviewing:

  • Young Adult (contemporary or paranormal)
  • New Adult (contemporary)
  • Mystery (cozy or amateur; some forensic)
  • Horror/Thriller (medical, paranormal, hauntings)
  • Romance (contemporary, paranormal, or historical)
  • Fantasy (mostly urban, but a little high fantasy too)
  • Literary Fiction (women's contemporary fiction mostly)
  • Chick-Lit
  • Meditation/Buddhism/Mindfulness
  • Health (healthy foods, diets, cookbooks, exercise programs)
  • others that escape me at this time
Genres I am not interested in reviewing at this time:
  • Christian Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Westerns
  • Childrens
  • Middle Grade
Publishing formats I accept include: ARCs, paperback, hardback and ebook (preferably enabled for the Amazon Kindle)

Publishing formats I do NOT accept: audiobooks

Priority will be given to books that I specifically request to review, followed by publication date, and finally by order received. Books that are as of yet unpublished receive priority over books that are already published at the time that I receive the copy.

Reviews will generally be posted during the month of publication if it has not yet been released. My best effort will be given to have it posted two weeks before the release date. If it has already been published, then I will try my hardest to have it reviewed within 2 months of receiving it. If a specific date for a review is requested, I will take this into consideration seriously and do everything in my power to have it done in time.

I will not guarantee to finish a book. At this time, I will guarantee to review every book I receive, with the exceptions of DNF. One or two star books may not receive a lengthy review.

I read book series in order. If I receive a book within a series in which I haven't read the previous novels, it may take me longer to review.

I will consider books from self-published authors for review.

All reviews are given my honest opinion regardless of whether or not I pay for a book. I appreciate review copies, but I will NOT claim to like a book just because I was given it free of cost.

Inquiries for review will be answered in a quick, timely fashion. Usually this means the same day baring any personal emergencies. At this time, I will answer inquiries only if I am accepting to review the book.

All reviews will be also posted on Goodreads.

  • cassandra.rose.moore@gmail.com

Review Format:
  • A picture of the novel cover will be presented first followed by the Title, Author, Publisher, Publication Date, Genre, and a short description of My Copy (how I got the book and what publishing format the book is in). The Title will be linked to the corresponding Goodreads page.
  • A synopsis which is usually obtained through Goodreads / from the back or front flap of the book follows after the introductory information.
  • Next is my review which will vary in size and style. Characters often make or break a novel for me, so a strong emphasis is often placed on this aspect of a novel. Plot, pacing, and relationships are also discussed.
  • Sometimes Other Thoughts (usually opinions about the cover) and/or Favorite Quotes will follow my review. Not all reviews will have one or both of these.
  • I finish my review by posting a star rating. The star rating is out of 5 stars with 5 being the best a book can receive. At this time, I will not give half stars.

Review Policy Last Updated: 9/16/2014


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