Pinterest Saturday

Saturday, September 20, 2014
This is a little feature here to showcase some pins I found on Pinterest through the week. Some are bookish, others might be health, food, movie, quote, or just generally life related. This is just for fun, so enjoy! *Images link to my pin on Pinterest*

This list has some good tips, plus I discovered Skimm because of this post, and I love reading the daily email in the mornings. It starts my day off right with a good giggle at minimum. MINIMUM.

How cute are these jars? One of the major things I miss now that I live in Florida is the fall and the leaves. It was absolutely beautiful this time of year in Missouri. If I lived there still, I would totally be making these this year.

So these are about sleep quality improvement, but really most of them just sound like they'd make life in general better if you ask me! Plus, I think we can all agree #3 is awesome.

Did you find anything good on Pinterest this week? If so, share a link to your pin in the comments! Also, if you liked these pins, check out the rest of my Pinterest boards here


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