2014 Reading Challenge Wrap Up

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
You can find my original link up post for all 2014 challenges HERE.

Completed Challenges:
 Outdo Yourself (25/25)
Seriously Series: Before 2014 (2/1)
Seriously Series: In 2014 (9/6)
Outside the Box (5/5)

Didn't Quite Make It:
Lucky Number 14 (11/14)
Protagonist (5/8)
Monthly Motif (9/12)
Monthly Keyword (8/12)
TBR (11/21)
Full House (21/25)
Jumble Your Genres (8/12)
 Book Bingo (13/25)
Alphabet Soup (18/26)
Eclectic (4/12)


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