Genre problems! Help?

Sunday, September 11, 2011
I am finding myself pulling away from young adult novels more and more. This is possibly because I'm taking a YA lit class, which I thought would be fun, but so far, not so much. Originally that was the main genre for this blog. I am getting back into the groove of reading more, but I'm having a harder time finding books. Finding YA novels was easy because they have their own section in libraries and bookstores. I clearly fail at creating the right combination of search terms to find books I want on websites and the library catalog. So, I am asking you for help. I am really into chick lit at the moment (which is very similar to contemporary YA, except with more adult themes)(i.e. Jennifer Crusie). I also like urban fantasy with the same light-hearted feel (i.e. Accidental series by Dakota Cassidy). I know a few chick lit authors, but very few in the second category. I also read a lot of amateur sleuth novel; however, I have found plenty of authors for that genre. Below are authors that I am familiar with and have books for besides the two already mentioned:

Heather Webber
Ashlyn Chase
Molly Harper
Vicki Lewis Thompson
Shanna Swendson
Jill Mansell
Harriet Evans
Marian Keyes
Emily Giffin
Cathy Kelly
Meg Cabot
Jane Green
Jane Moore
Pamela Ribon

Two final notes: First, I am coming back, but it's going to be slowly. It's my last semester of college, and I have a lot going on. I know I've said it a couple times, but I'm letting you know now that I really have not given up on the blogging world. Secondly, I will be redesigning the blog soon, so don't be surprised if you see something really weird while I'm fixing it. Or see a completely different look.


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